All retreats are directed towards selfconnection, based on the work of Robert Gonzales & Robert Krzisnik.

Delight in Presence is mostly NVC & dyad inquiry meditation practices, starting each day with one hour of vinyãsa yoga, offered by my cofacilitator and yoga teacher Jessica Ayud Manzano. Have a look here to savour the atmosphere of the previous one. Pictures made by my son Tuur (exept the fuzzy ones of him, i clearly don’t know how to work with his settings ;)).

* DELIGHT IN PRESENCE #3* 17 – 21 februari 2023, Wildview, Faro, Portugal


15 -19 juli 2023, Halle – Zoersel,

900 pp met factuur

600 pp voor éénpersoonskamer

500 pp voor bed in tweepersoonskamer

350 pp voor kampeerplek in de tuin met eigen tent / camper

300 pp voor plek op zetelbed met extra comfortabele matras

250 pp voor retreat zonder overnachting

Je kan je hier inschrijven: Luisterruimte: schoonheid van noden & acroyoga!

“Close your eyes
Fall in love
Stay there”

Wild View Retreat Center, Faro, Portugal

Imagine 5 days of immersing yourself into NVC with other empathic humans, in the sunny south of Portugal, surrounded by mountains, starting with Yoga class every day and being served healthy vegetarian meals! Which needs and longings of you would be met, maybe finally, after a long time?

We invite you to join us – Kathleen and Jessica – on this NVC&Yoga Retreat at a very stunning location, close to Faro. We’ll share 5 days of diving into the blessed mess of our own heart. We will reconnect with what is precious inside of us: our longings, our joy, the sweet and the rough pain. We will nurture our capacity to make ourselves fully available for all of it. These days, we’ll be shifting gear from doing to being, from stress to relaxation, from running to walking with grace in our own pace, listening to our own voices and making our own choices.

Every morning, Jessica will offer both dynamic and gentle, supportive Vinyāsa yoga. We ‘ll start the day with moving our bodies, turning our attention to our sensations. We will connect breath and movement, alternating between fast and slow pace, between laughter and concentration, finishing with relaxation and meditation. Kathleen will offer two daily circles and two NVC-workshops.
You will be offered several kinds of NVC-practices, including dyad inquiry meditations, guided self-empathy, coregulating resonance work and other compassionate bodywork.
You will also have time for a reviving dive in the swimming pool, a relaxing soundbath and integrative walks in the wild surroundings of the beautiful Algarve nature.

Wild View

This retreat is designed for intermediate and advanced NVC-practicioners who are familiar with offering and receiving empathy and expressing honestly. Check in with us if you feel unsure if that is you. Previous yoga-experience is not required.

Wildview Retreat Center, Faro, Portugal

We’ll be practicing

* Being with what is
* Embracing what is
* coregulating dyad inquiry
* Coming back to our senses
* Inviting all of ourselves here and now
* Grounding the flow of our heart in warm aliveness
* Surrendering to this life with grace
* Embodying our honest yes and no
* Delighting in our playfulness

Faro, Portugal

What’s included in the price?

– 1hr of Yoga p day
– 5hrs of NVC p day
– 3 organic veggie / vegan meals p day
– fruits & tea all day
– accommodation for 4 nights
– guided walks
– sauna
– outside jacuzzi & swimmingpool

all in, depending on your choice of accomodation Wildview retreat center february, 4 nights:
shepherds hut 1 bed (pp)700
shepherds hut 2 beds (pp)630
3 personsroom (pp)700
2 personsroom (pp)750
private room1350

More info:

Link to the registration form

Let us know now if you feel the calling to join us on this nourishing retreat and how to accomodate you well!

Language: English